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The Ncom database offers search in a collection of research, knowledge and useful resources in the field of Nordic media and communication research. The four data types represented in NCOM: Nordic Media researchers, Research institutions, Research projects and Research publications are continually updated by Nordicom.

The database covers research publications from 2006 - 2016. Older publications must be searched in NCOM: Nordic Research Publications 1975-2006. Research publications published after 2015 are not included. They can be found through external links on the researchers' profiles.

Ncom is maintained by Nordicom. Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research, which is a Nordic cooperation within the Nordic Councils of Ministers.

About the Ncom database

Media and communication research in the Nordic countries.

Research contents
Projects, Publications, Institutions, Researchers.

Publications from 2006/2007 - 2016. Theses from 2006/2007 and onwards.


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