• Annu Kaivosaari
Translated title of the contributionFrom sweet Lydia to strong Björgen : changes in representations of female cross-country skiers in the Finnish sports magazine Urheilulehti from 1905 to 2010
The purpose of the study is to examine how female skiers are represented in the texts of a Finnish sports magazine, Urheilulehti, and how these representations have changed during the examination period from 1905 to 2010. Relying on Judith Butler’s ideology of gender performativity, the author analyses the representations of female skiers from the perspective of promoting the traditional female norm and simultaneously from the perspective of breaking and reforming it. The methodological framework of the study consists of Fairclough’s three- dimensional framework, which is based on the tradition of critical discourse analysis (CDA). In compliance with this framework, the author began the analysis from the textual level and proceeded through the discursive practice level to explaining different interpretations at the social practice level.
Original languageFinnish
Place of PublicationJyväskylä
PublisherJyväskylän yliopisto
Number of pages227
ISBN (print)978-951-39-6983-7
ISBN (electronic)978-951-39-6984-4
StatePublished - 21. Apr 2017
NameJyväskylä studies in sport, physical education and health
ISSN (print)0356-1070

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Doctoral dissertation. Doktorsavhandling. Doctoral thesis.

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