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  • Tiina Lämsä
Translated title of the contributionImages of childhood in the context of media and children´s everyday lives
This research addresses images of childhood in the context of media and children´s everyday lives. Images of childhood reproduced by young children themselves and by their parents and day-care personnel, and in television advertising were investigated. Representations are studied as social, cultural and historical entities that are formed in the course of everyday life. The question is asked, what kind of childhood is (re)produced in children's everyday lives and in the media context, and how are the representations created using visual and textual materials connected with the cultural imagery of childhood? To collect child observations and descriptions of daily lives as provided by adults and children together, a so called observational child diary was created.

The data consist of television advertisements (104 commercials, with 174 child performers), observational diaries (108 diaries, completed by 54 children, their parents and day-care personnel) and pictures and captions prepared for these diaries (496 units produced by children, their parents and day-care personnel). Analysis of the data and theory formation continued throughout the study, following the principles of adaptive theory. Various methods were used in the analysis
Original languageFinnish
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PublisherUniversity of Jyväskylä
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StatePublished - 8. Sep 2017
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NameJyväskylä Studies in Education, Psychology and Social Research

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Doctoral dissertation. Doktorsavhandling. Doctoral thesis.

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Article based dissertation.

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